Omega Leadership Academy

Encouraging tomorrow's leaders today

Our mentorship programs focus on exposing our youth to positive role models, instilling values of integrity and service, as well as, building positive young people who will be successful students and citizens. We focus a great deal on academics but have also included emotional support as well. Mentees are encouraged to speak openly with their mentors and work to build self-efficacy skills.

To support, empower, uplift, and guide youth males.

Vision Statement:
To build positive and influential relationships with the male students of Conley Hills Elementary, Paul D. West Middle School, and Tri-Cities High such that we:

For more information about our Omega Leadership Academy, please contact Ralph Carson at or Keith Backmon at

Submissions Deadline is
March 20, 2024 at 5pm EDT.

The 2024
Phi Kappa Kappa
Scholarship Application
is now open.