Fatherhood Initiative & Mentoring

The Fatherhood Initiative’s purpose is to increase awareness of fathers’ impact on the family. We share strategies that will empower men to lead their families, as well as, provide information about how to navigate through challenging family issues.  As men, we celebrate fatherhood and seek to demonstrate the value of having fathers involved in their children lives now and in the future.

General Topics:

  • Fathers’ Role in the Family
  • Family Members’ Roles
  • Father & Youth Relationships
  • Youth Expectations of Fathers
  • Protection of Womanhood
  • Understanding Lines of Authority

Current Fact:

Ω 25 million families are fatherless
Ω 90% unplanned pregnancy; 71% of pregnant teens are from fatherless homes
Ω Fatherless children are 300% more likely to be incarcerated
Ω 71% of all high school drop-outs come from fatherless homes
Ω Fatherless men are 35% more likely to experience marriage failure
Ω 85% of children who exhibit anti-social behavior disorders are from fatherless homes
Ω 72% of adolescent murderers grew up in fatherless homes
Ω Fatherless sons are more than twice as likely to engage in some kind of criminal activity
Ω 70% of all juveniles in state reform institutions come from fatherless homes

For more information about our Fatherhood Initiative & Mentoring, please contact S. Earl Wilson at undenied16@aol.com

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