Eric Poole

In my spare time I like to travel. I have travelled extensively to Asia, Europe and now I plan to travel throughout South America.

I am an entrepreneur at heart. I am inspired by taking an idea from its infant stages to its full development. It is something about CREATING. To be able to see it through to the end despite all obstacles, it a great thing.

Working with some nonprofit organizations allows me to give back. I am able to offer my life experiences, both personal and professional, in hopes that it will help the individuals that are a part of the organization. Giving of my time and abilities is one of the best ways to serve.

If I had to describe a hero to me. I would say my Mother. She is the epitome of STRENGTH. Enough said on that subject. (Smile)

One of the quirky things about me is that I enjoy Karaoke, however, I am tone deaf. I sing loud and proud….